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Best Operating System(OS) For Programming study and work

Thank you for visiting our blog and we are moving to new blog in order to provide you a better experience. Please bookmark our new blog and keep reading. There are plenty of operating systems available in the market, but Few will suit perfect for Studying Programming and work with. So I am going to give you some ideas on some best OS to learn Programming. Linux (Ubuntu, Linux mint, Kubuntu and more) MAC OS Microsoft Windows OS Linux Most of the programmers are always preferred to use Linux for programming because there are no restrictions to modify the OS in your favor and you can find lots of open-source apps and testing tools for programming. Most importantly Linux OS can run on very low specification hardware. you can run in even on a virtual machine Minimum Requirements 32-bit Intel ® Pentium ® 4 or compatible processor running at 2 GHz or greater 512 MB RAM Graphics card: NVIDIA ® Quadro™ FX 1100, FX14