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How does it feel like to work from home

Thank you for visiting our blog and we are moving to new blog in order to provide you a better experience. Please bookmark our new blog and keep reading. Working from home in the sense doesn't mean that you always need to be a freelancer or something like that. We always have many ways, like remote working companies. I don't wanna take this article long. I work from home not as a freelancer but as a remote worker for a company. The company I work on doesn't have physical premises, So every employee works from home at there own premises. Basically, my position is Accounts executive and is paid a decent salary. My only expenses are electricity and the internet. Internet we cannot consider as an expense because in this world normally you can not be without the internet. Electricity wise will not consume much if you use a normal Laptop or PC, other than a high-end gaming setup. Those are the only ex