How to make your studying session less boring

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Studying is boring. Right. Every time you have to open up a textbook or tackle a homework assignment, a million things go through your mind would be more fun to do, like skydiving or watching paint dry or typing a YouTube comment about how the fact that I'm holding a fit spinner right now makes you want to puke. Yeah, I could see you warming up your fingers. Of course, studying is something that you just sometimes have to do. Which leads to the obvious question. If you have to do it, is there at least a way to make it more fun or at least less boring? Well, that's what I want to talk about today. I'm going to get this out here right up front. There is no way to make studying always fun. After all, part of the learning process is to have to sometimes go through challenging and difficult material. And that's not always gonna be a walk in the park. But there are things you can do to make studying more fun more of the time. And that's why I want to write about in this Article. So let's dive right in.

First and foremost, if you want to make studying fun, you need to get interested in your topic. All the way back in 1913, Francis Lockwood wrote in his book The Freshmen in his College. In the long run, the secret of study resides in our ability to bather thought, our task, our lesson in the stream of interest. But how exactly do you gain that interest? Well, you certainly don't do it by jumping straight into my new details to gain interest. That's truly strong enough to power you through the hours of rigorous study. You need to expose yourself to the truly exciting facets of the topic. First, nobody reads the history of Middle Earth before reading The Lord of the Rings, or at least watching the movies first. And nobody goes digging through C-sharp documentation unless they're interested in building something in C sharp like a video game. That's why Bill Nye made Bill Nye the Science Guy. Why? Carl Sagan made Cosmos and my David Attenborough helped to make Planet Earth. These three men are known first and foremost as science popularizer because they knew what it took to get the public interested in science. They knew that showing electricity in action or showing a shark hunting its prey is far better at generating that needed initial spark of interest than talking immediately about Ohm's Law or talking about how the dorsal fin affects fluid dynamics. And the best teachers in the world understand this innately.

They know that they need to get their students initially excited about the topic before they jump right into the rigorous. My new details. But for teachers, not good that you can do that yourself. One great way to do this is to find a book or a movie or a podcast or even a video game that can give you an initial high level introduction to the topic in an entertaining way or that somehow connected to it.

A second tip that'll help you become more interested in anything you're studying is to adopt a growth mindset. Carol D-Backs Book Mindset the New Psychology of Success contrasts people with fixed mindsets, people who essentially believe that talent or intelligence is fixed and doesn't change with people who have growth mindsets. People that believe anything can be changed and improved upon early on in the book, Dweck demonstrates how the mindset that you have also plays a huge role in how interested you'll be in your studies, especially when the going gets difficult. During her research for the book, she followed pre-med students who were taking an initial chemistry course during their freshman year of college. And in this course, the average exam grade was a C plus. It was one of those weed out courses that's basically designed to be difficult. So it weeds out people who are not a good fit for the medicine program. Right at the start in the book, she reported that most students started out pretty interested in chemistry. Yet over the semester, something happened. Students with a fixed mindset stayed only interested when they did well right away. Those found it difficult, showed a big drop in their interest and enjoyment.

If it wasn't a testimony of their intelligence, they couldn't enjoy it. In contrast, students with a growth mindset continue to show the same high level of interest even when they found the work. Very challenging challenge. An interest went hand in hand. So try to reframe the way you think about your classes, not as tests or evaluations to show everyone how intelligent or unintelligent you are, but as continual learning opportunities, opportunities to learn, grow and yes, sometimes fail. But to come back and improve upon those failures and to win eventually. This is a global mindset. If you can do this, you're going to find that your studies across any subject you tackle are going to be more enjoyable and more interesting. Another great way to make studying more fun and interesting is to do it with a partner. But studying with a partner is a double edged sword that can go wrong really easily. And I find there are two main pitfalls that you fall into when you do this. First and foremost, if you study with the wrong partner, they're going to distract you. You're never going to get any work done. I tried to study with the people in my dorm and all we ended up wasting our time.

But just as easily you can find a partner who goes through the work so quickly and does so much of it that you end up glossing over the problems and the concepts and never end up really learning them yourself. So if you're gonna do this, you need to not only find a partner who is focused and stays on task the whole time, but who also ensures that you understand the problem solution and that they understand as well. For both of you, move on. The next step is to change your environment in non-distracting ways that make studying more enjoyable. And there are a lot of ways you can do this. One of the best ways is to find a steady playlist that you enjoy listening to that doesn't distract you. It can also help to find a study spot that you really enjoy being in, like your favorite spot in the library or a good coffee shop, or maybe study with the camp and having a good drink next to you while you study. Definitely helps as well. Pretty much every single morning I make a pot of cinnamon clove tea, which is basically my favorite kind of tea, and I drink that while I do some writing. But remember Music will not suit all.

And that brings us to our final tip on the list. You want to make something more fun and more enjoyable than create many rewards that you get for doing that study. See, your motivation to complete a task is to find partly by the reward you're going to get for doing it and studying. There's a pretty obvious main reward. You'll get a good grade. You'll graduate from college, and you won't have to live in a van down by the river. But that doesn't have to be the only reward you give yourself. You can also create many rewards that could be an incentive for finishing assignment or even just putting an amount of time in. Now you've probably all seen the gummy bear trick on Facebook and that might work for some people. I think I would just eat all the gummy bears and close my book right away. But for the most part, these rewards should be high density fun. Letting yourself go out with friends or letting self-League of legends for a while, something that isn't stupid, like scrolling through Facebook for five minutes. It's also important to plan out the details of these men. Your words in advance as the author peers still talks about this book. The procrastination equation rewards are a lot more motivating when they're pre-planned because they build anticipation, you know, in the back of your mind that once you finish studying, you're gonna get to do something fun and that's going to further increase your motivation to power through that study session.

Thank you for making all the way down here. I guess now you currently understood the ways to make your study interesting and effective. Share this with your friends if they are in a situation like you.



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