How to increase Fluency in any Language

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Many people have this problem of speaking a language fluently, especially if its not there mother tongue language. I had the same problem with English since my mother tongue language is Tamil.

Even though I studied in English medium I was unable to speak fluently, because we use to talk in Tamil most of the time. I don't wanna take this article so long I will finish it off simple.

Since I studied English medium school, it is easy for me to understand and read stuff. so I just wanted to find out what holds me back. The first thing just came up to my mind is shyness or should I say fear. Not only me but many people has this problem. To overcome this problem there are not any shortcuts. The only way is to start speaking.

For example, I know how to talk English but I am scared that I would make mistakes, and of course, finally, I end up making mistakes. The scare inside me gave me some terrible thoughts like ' what would happen if I make a mistake', 'will the other person laugh at me' and etc.. especially these types of thoughts came to me when am at a stage as well, let us talk about it another article. These thoughts make it worse. the solution for this is not directly getting to a large crowd and start speaking. first of all, start speaking to your self, not through your mind but your mouth looking through a mirror would be better. it will feel like you are talking to someone. even if you made any mistakes no one will laugh at you because it's you. so start talking to yourself first. This way you will be able to get rid of your fear, but the drawback is that no one is in front of you to correct you.

So the next step would be to talk to someone else who knows the language well and a well-known person to you would be better, or else it will be awkward. In my early days, my brother uses to talk to me in super broken English since he didn't study in an English medium education system. Sometimes i use to correct but also i use to tease him. he takes only the good stuff from me those days. recently I tried to talk to him in English, he has no more broken English he speaks better than me now.

So that is it guess. if you feel like you don't know anything and you wanted to learn. just let your fear to go away and go talk to the person who knows well about the thing you wanted to learn. Share this article with your friends if you felt this was helpful



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