How to face interview with confidence

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now days finding the job and is not hard but facing the interview is a little hard only if you have the experience you will perform well but what you will do if you don’t have experience haa.

Okay, no problem I can help you with my experience. I have faced more than 50 interviews since 2011  so I will give my experience to you as a knowledge.
1 dress well.
2 guess the interview question accordingly 
3 be confident about your knowledge and experience.
4 main thins do not afraid to ask a question for your understanding.
5 so the good attitude from the beginning and show yourself naturally.  

The dressing is the fundamentals thing for the first impression before the talk to you the interviewer see you so the dress is more important when it comes to a new job interview 
You don't need to dressing like a Rich person most of the company requested not the rich person They looking for smarter people for their company
So you must dress clean and smart.

Before go to interview you should know little bit about the history and Also the company industry so you can confident about some special questions and also Bette read responsibility of the job that you applied so this way you is is easier to answer the interview questions
From my experience, I only answer technical questions beginning of my carrier after some time you will be export in the field so within 2 or 3 questions the interviewer will get to know that you are expert, not the newbie then they will move to logical question to identify your mindset and attitude. You should answer the question carefully because even if you're very good in technical the attitude is the most important during the job recruitment 
Be confident about your knowledge and experience because most of the time we afraid to face interview because as a human we afraid of losing the job/chances. If you really know what your experience and knowledge you don't need to worry about the changes you will definitely get the. Of chance, you will get the job.
don't afraid to ask quotation for your understanding because most of the time we do not ask any question because we think we lose the job and you should understand the main things that what the company looking from you then you can answer to their questions directly. the more you ask the more you get the information then you can be confident. information is wealth. 
there is one extra benefit for asking quotations. if you started asking a question then reduce the quotations from their side it will.
when it come to attitude most of us make a mistake. the attitude is the most noted thing during the interview so you should show them the good attitude during the interview time and also do not show the fake character it will definitely backfire on you 

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