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 I had this question for so long and I think I found a solution for myself. If you are lacking motivation then I think you are in the right place too.

First of all, let's start with the meaning of motivation which is given by google
"Motivation is the word derived from the word 'motive' which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish their goals. In the work goal context, the psychological factors stimulating the people's behavior can be - a desire for money. success"

This is the meaning given by google, But I think you are bored to read it. I will give you my definition which is simple and clear.
"It is a form of stimulation which is created in your mind to do a task"

But it is not simple as the definition to get it, but not hard either. 

To get the motivation what I do was, surf youtube, find some motivation channels and watch those videos. most of the time works but it never lasts long. I am not the type of guy for studies, so mostly I look for motivation for study. For the next half an hour, I get motivated to go for studies and agin it goes down. So what I thought was to find a way to motivate myself self the whole day. Because we cant spend half of the watching videoa and motivating.

have you ever noticed that when you are playing a game or something interesting, even if it overloads your mind you will not get Demotivated isnt it?

So the reason behind this is the purpose of not the heaviness of work. So if the purpose is clear and if you liked it, then no one will be able to stop you. I figure out this while I was playing video games. my parents always scold me for spending most of the time on gaming. But what I do was do it again and again and again without parents knowing about it. Then I thought 'why can't I do with my studies even if no one is forcing towards/against it?'

After this question, I came to this conclusion 'Purpose' is the most important thing. I had some purpose in playing video games. I play League of Legends which is an international video game, so my dream was to learn to play new champs and become an international player. When I started playing video games, I was completely not used to studies. Simply "Don't want to study"

After finding that purpose is more important to keep you motivated the whole day, I use the same technique with my studies too. I thought that where should I be in the next 5 years (This is a common question which is asked in every single Job interview). Instead of studying for exams or a qualification, study to learn something new which will help you to achieve your dream life.

This changed my life completely. now I have a nearly equal allocation of time per day for Video games, Studies, Youtube channel and etc. now am motivated to do multiple things in a single day

I hope this article helped you. leave your comments below and share.

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