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If you are a learner and searching for a virtual place to learn, then you are in the right place. there are many places to learn online, if you are here then you didn't know where to find one. learning never ends even if you get old. young people may find a physical place to learn. but old people cannot. so they can learn new things from their own premises online and at flexible time. the e-learning platform is huge.

Without further delay let me walk through.

it is one of the best places to learn which I would highly recommend. it has around 100k courses for your choice to follow which were uploaded by nearly 42k instructors. among them, most are freelancers. They just need to upload their course ones and every time someone buys their course for enrolment, the instructor gets paid. As a student all you need to do is. create an account which is completely free and purchase the courses which you prefer. There are some courses which are free too. Sometimes you may find coupons to get a percentage off for the course you choose

you can check the website by clicking here. Udemy


this a place I would recommend if you like to spend some money. but it will be worth it. premium members give access to training online and 1000's of creator directly. if you are not willing to pay. you can go with the free membership too.

Click here to access the site. Skillshare


This platform I especially for employers and employee. if an employer is expecting to provide a course to their employees. This can be simply called a Learning Management System. Docebo encourages collaboration by allowing employees to ask questions and get answers from the relevant subject matter experts in their organization. Learners also able to share their own knowledge which can be validated through peer-review and shared across teams. this is the reason I recommended this for Employer and employees especially

Click here to access the site. Docebo


It is yet another established name in the e-learning industry. this online teaching software has been the go-to tool for instructors to deliver live and on-demand webinars. WizIQ is very common among academic course content creators. It’s effortlessly easy to create courses and publish them on WizIQ online marketplace.

Click here to access the site. Wiziq


It is the place I would recommend if you are expecting to complete a course online for free. But the negative thing with Alison is we don't have a wider variety of courses. These are the only differences I have found so far among the others I mentioned above.

Click here to access the site. Alison

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  1. Thanks for sharing these online learning platforms.

  2. E-learning is one of the most engaging ways to study today. It is flexible and affordable. Since learning is conducted online, students can study at their own pace and sometimes in their own time. I learn many things from all the platforms you Shared with us but very few provide a live learning experience to students. But I think at the present time most of the students prefer those online learning platforms which are providing live learning also.

  3. Klick Data is the best learning management systems (LMS), it is basically content management systems (CMS) that is optimized for educational content. This platforms is more than LMSes.

  4. Thanks for sharing these best platforms and elearning software for schools
    is best. This is convenient and you can track growth also.


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