How to start a Blogger/blog and make passive income

Are you planning to start a way to create an income and is that passive income. There are many ways to create a passive income. For those who don't know, what passive income is and what are the ways to create a passive income, you check this article and get to know about it 'How To Build Passive Income Source.'

Today am gonna give you some basic steps to start a passive income and that is creating a blog. let me walk through it without further delay.

First of all commitment and consistent is important. You can create a source for passive income overnight like a Blogspot, but you can't generate income overnight. It takes some time to generate income. you must be patient till that time arrives. At least 1-year commitment and you are free to go. you will be earning even if you didn't post anything after onward.

Registering a Domain
A domain name is a place where people are gonna find your work. for example your blog. DNS is a naming system used for giving an address for website or webpage.

you must take some time and think about the Name you are gonna pick. Because it will be your identity for your blog, maybe for the lifetime of your blog. sometime when time passes by, you may become to, unlike your own domain name. so choose wisely.

You can check whether the domain you are willing to buy is available or not over here. GoDaddy

Note - Buying a Domain May cost you some money

Choose a Niche
Niche is something specific. For Example, instead of targeting all the people in the world, you should target a specific group. for Some group its finance and for some Cooking and etc.. Ours is to spread knowledge widely. I choose this niche because of my self. I use to struggle as a boy to find most of the stuff online, so I choose to provide these in my blogger. so especially the blog posts I publish are for those people like me.

Choose a hosting Provider.
Website hosting is a virtual place where we buy some storage space on remote location to publish our blog, website or application over the internet. there are lots of hosting companies out there. We can buy the hosting account yearly basis and host our blog or website using that. you have another option for hosting and that is hosting your blog from your home, but it requires some knowledge, don't worry about that. we will be providing a step by step article regarding this in our blog soon. stay tuned.
Check this link for hosting account:

Select a Blogging platform

It is the software you will be using to publish your content online in the form of a blog. There are many free blogging Platform available. for example google blogger, Wordpress and etc.. I use google blogger. it easy to manage even by a single person and user-friendly interface. you can access it freely by creating an account. Check it out over here Blogger.

Design your blog.

Make it more attractive and relevant for your posts. even if it is attractive and if it is not relevant for your contents. It will be like a mess. for example a food blogger with a background of flowers. Just imagine. Google Blogger provides us with some free readily available themes, which can be activated with just a click.

Create pages accordingly
Create pages according to your contents. for example home, about and etc. make it look more professional.. instead cluttering everything in one place.

Now you are ready to go. Write some articles and publish in your Blog.

Advertising is more important or else no one would even know if your website exist. you have plenty of ways to spread the news freely. yes .. I know you could figure it out. SOCIAL MEDIA. share your post and say what you are up to. if your contents are interesting. Then the traffic will keep on coming.

you can monetize the website through Google Adsense. I will write another article deeply regarding monetization until then do these simple steps and get traffic. so it will be easy to get monetizing approval

NOTE - Commitment is important.



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