How To Be More Productive

Nowadays everyone is concerned about this thing either in the office or personal life "Productive".

I am gonna give you some basic and important things that will increase your productivity.

Staying awake overnight.

The Most important thing, the human body needs rest. if you aren't giving it to your body then stop thinking about productivity. I have read so many articles about Productivity but I just came across only a few which talks about proper sleeping will affect our productivity. Sleeping is the most important thing for productivity.

Our Brain is a type of machine it needs some rest so it could work on its full potential. Sleep is the best form of rest you can give your brain.

Check this research tested by some scientists in Russia, it calls "The Russian Sleep Experiment"

I hope you have read "The Russian Sleep Experiment"

Do you know that your body will repair the damaged parts, tissues in your body and gets rid of the toxic components from your brain while you get a good night sleep?

Note: brain cells and inner organs will repair during night sleep. So make sure you maintain a proper sleep schedule.


Sometimes we work overtime and even if we work hard we cannot complete the tasks given to us, overtime working tires our body and brain so we can't focus on the work for a long time and the brain functions will drop so productivity will go down.

Overworking leads to less productivity compared to smart working. A smart worker will be having a higher productivity level when compared with overtime workers. plan your work hours effectively and Complete the work on time.

Complaining, it is one of the most common attitudes which we can find among the non-productive people. They just complain without finding a way to overcome the problem, this makes them worry and damages their brain cells. So keep calm, accept your faults and find a way to solve it instead of complaining.

Setting the goal.

What is your goal for this month or this year? 

If you are walking on the road without knowing the place you wanna go sometimes you get into trouble. the same theory goes with your life too. so set a goal or Mark the destination to reach, This will make your mind work for it.

Setting Goal helps us to stay in the track instead of roaming all the way around. It reduces the workload given to the brain. Its better you write them down so you can save some energy that the brain uses to remember those stuff.

Mr. Elon Musk
He is one of the successful person in the world. if you read his books and article you can find out setting a goal will make things easy to achieve the target. There are many more successful people out there, working on their vision, mission, and goal to achieve their success.

Everyone likes to achieve something in their life but only some do. it is because they knew how to do it. so get a paper, pen, write down your goal and start working on it.


Never stop learning.
Learning will only increase your knowledge and skills to become successful in your life. if you want to be successful in your life, never stop learning. Learning will only increase productivity in your life too.

Basic about learning

Learning does not mean you go to college and study and get a certificate. learning is something you get from your environment or you get from experience. Even kids can teach you lessons. Learning new things every day will completely change your brain performance never stop learning. A form of learning is reading books and articles. Every time you learn new thing, a new neuron connection is been created in inside your brain. Reading books will open your brain's locked function.



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