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How To Be More Productive

Nowadays everyone is concerned about this thing either in the office or personal life " Productive ". I am gonna give you some basic and important things that will increase your productivity. Staying awake overnight. The Most important thing, the human body needs rest. if you aren't giving it to your body then stop thinking about productivity. I have read so many articles about Productivity but I just came across only a few which talks about proper sleeping will affect our productivity. Sleeping is the most important thing for productivity. Our Brain is a type of machine it needs some rest so it could work on its full potential. Sleep is the best form of rest you can give your brain. Check this research tested by some scientists in Russia, it calls  " The Russian Sleep Experiment " I hope you have read " The Russian Sleep Experiment " Do you know that your body will repair the damaged parts, tissues in your body and gets rid of t

How to start a Blogger/blog and make passive income

Are you planning to start a way to create an income and is that passive income. There are many ways to create a passive income. For those who don't know, what passive income is and what are the ways to create a passive income, you check this article and get to know about it ' How To Build Passive Income Source. ' Today am gonna give you some basic steps to start a passive income and that is creating a blog. let me walk through it without further delay. Commitment First of all commitment and consistent is important. You can create a source for passive income overnight like a Blogspot, but you can't generate income overnight. It takes some time to generate income. you must be patient till that time arrives. At least 1-year commitment and you are free to go. you will be earning even if you didn't post anything after onward. Registering a Domain A domain name is a place where people are gonna find your work. for example your blog. DNS is a naming system u