How To Start Reading Books Without Getting Bored

Hi, Guys, I know how hard is to start reading books because I was having the same trouble to start reading the book.

Ok, let's forget about a book completely clean your mind and start reading this article. you will find something interesting points in this article to start reading books.

I am writing this article from my own experience that how I started reading Books

You might know that rain is falling from the sky, a little drop by drops. once it rains for a long time the water increase in the floor, sometimes it becomes a disaster. so every starting point is very small.

let start with below things

1 News Paper

2 Magazine

3 Small Blogs(Articles)

4 Start reading small and interesting books

Ok, lets talk about how to start with newspaper.

If someone in your home has a habit of the reading newspaper then you don't need to buy the newspaper.

if you don't have the new paper in your home try to buy weekly paper for a month to train your mindset to reading habit.

take the newspaper and read the headings and if the heading interesting you than start reading the paragraph related to that heading.

Do you Realize, why I started with the newspaper, it is because it has multi-category things like below.

  • Sports news
  • Latest technology news
  • political news
  • entertainment news
  • business news and financial advice
  • classifieds and more interesting things will be available.

so some of you are interested in the sports and science & technology and so it helps us to identify the interesting things to read. if you interested in this thing you should focus in that subject start your reading habits

what if you go for the book in the beginning.
you will get bored because you think that book you bought is the one you are interested in when you start reading the book you find out the subject you are reading is not your thing to start with, then you hate the books and throw away

that is why first go for small and start with newspaper and it will help to build the reading habit and also help you to find what is your interesting subject.

if you find the interesting subject then go for the Magazine and start seeing things and reading the magazine.

note you have to buy the magazines that in your interest category like sports or technology and whatever in your interested category.

you should know why I recommended selecting the magazine as a second option because the magazines have small articles with colorful photos and drawings and this will get you to read the articles and allow you to familiar with book type and it will increase the interest rather than reading books.

The 3rd step is to start reading the online articles related to your interesting subject and it is free so no need to spend money to read some new things nowadays almost you can find everything online so start reading whatever makes you interest.

you should know why I selected online reading to be 3rd option, in the online we will be easily distracted by advertisement and also the LED display makes you eyes tiered so you quickly get tired and you will drop the article without finishing.

finally, go for the books and you should get one book the most interested in your life and start reading also find a quiet place to sit and enjoy the book.

Note: If you have completed a book and then onward it will easy and be interesting for the next one to complete

Whatever it is. In our life, the starting point is a bit of hard, but if you accomplish that, you are good to go.


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