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Basic steps to start a Business.

Thank you for visiting our blog and we are moving to new blog in order to provide you a better experience. REZZTOR Please bookmark our new blog and keep reading. I am tired of Paychecks. if you feel the same as I do, then the Best idea I would suggest is to start a business Business. Most of People want to own a business. first of all, what is business? Any activity which involves buying and selling in a motive of profit or no-profit is Business. This is the definition I studied in my School. its correct.. but you need to define Business in your terms if you are gonna start a business on your own. In my words, I define Business as 'Business is something which makes me financially free'. That means I need to give my debit/credit card (definitely not the credit card.) to pay for something I bought even without looking at the price of it. I will walk you through some simple basic steps to start a Business. stay Tuned... Describe the Purp

How To Start Reading Books Without Getting Bored

Hi, Guys, I know how hard is to start reading books because I was having the same trouble to start reading the book. Ok, let's forget about a book completely clean your mind and start reading this article. you will find something interesting points in this article to start reading books. I am writing this article from my own experience that how I started reading Books You might know that rain is falling from the sky, a little drop by drops. once it rains for a long time the water increase in the floor, sometimes it becomes a disaster. so every starting point is very small. let start with below things 1 News Paper 2 Magazine 3 Small Blogs(Articles) 4 Start reading small and interesting books Ok, lets talk about how to start with newspaper. If someone in your home has a habit of the reading newspaper then you don't need to buy the newspaper. if you don't have the new paper in your home try to buy weekly paper for a month to train your mindset to r

Which company you should apply if you are new to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Which company you should apply if you are new to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)  There are lots of company in the UAE, you can apply whenever you visit first time to the UAE. But I am going to recommend you five best companies in the UAE you should apply if you want to get a better experience and job market. This is from my experience and knowledge I am giving this information. If you get a chance to join one of this company in the UAE and your career profile will give you a good advantage.  1 Sharf DG (Sharf Group) 2 Sun and Sand Sport  3 APPAREL GROUP 4 The Kanoo Group 5 Etisalat Emirates Telecommunications Group Co (Etisalat) Market capitalization Sharaf DG  (Sharaf Group) Sharaf DG is the most popular retail company in the UAE, you can ask anybody who lives in  Dubai about Sharaf DG then they will suggest applying, it is one of the famous companies in Dubai. This is the reason am recommending Sharaf DG in the 1st place. Sharf DG is one of S