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What is the benefits of omega-3

What is omega-3 It is also known as fish oil since it is highly available in fishes. It is one of the brain boosting thing which plays an important role in memory power. Omega 3 is important for every human, if you wanted to improve you memory. how can we get it? As i said earlier it is highly available in fish. For example salmon, canned salmon, tuna and etc. Most of you may dont like to eat fish like me.. for you guys i reccomend to take omega 3 supplements which is widely available in medical shops. (Its better to take advice from doctor before use). It is also available in other not fish foods like flax seeds, chia seeds , walnuts and etc. How does it helps  us? Fish oil contains 2 types of fatty acids - E icosapentaenoic  (EPA). - D ocosahexaenoic (DHA). These 2 are more important when it comes to normal brain function and development through all stages of life. In older adults, lower levels of DHA in the blood have been associated with smaller brain size, a sign of

What is Bookkeeping? And best bookkeeping platforms

What is Bookkeeping? Most of you may know since it is a part of every business. it is one of the important task to manage you business finance and etc. So Bookkeeping is a process of recording and summarizing the transaction into the books of accounts. to make it easy for decision making process of the company.  Even small shops have there own process of maintaining their accounts. But when it comes to large company with numbers of shareholders for example public limited companies (where thousands of people invest money into the company in return of yearly dividend and higher share price) they have a formal method in preparing the accounts .To know more about shares, check out my other article. Because the people who invest may or may not have enough financial knowledge, so to make it easy to understand by them a formal method is used.  some company prepare accounts yearly basis, some quarterly and also some do prepare monthly basis. it depends on the company type or norm may