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Hei guys.. sorry for giving a break from articles.. I hope i will not break the streak from this week onward.

Today i came with a new Topic. It is your Brain . It is one of the most powerful think an human ever got. But many of us don't know how to use it. only few of us know how to use the brain right way.

there are many diseases related to brain for example. brain cancer , Dementia , neurological disorder and etc.. but of all the most common one is FORGETTING things. this is due to lack of memory power.. this is caused due to some actions such as over thinking , stress and etc..

for the ones who have this problem . you guys are reading the correct article. i will give you some of the ways to improve your memory power.

It plays the top roll in maintaining the memory power. During a full night sleep, brain cell remove toxic compounds which are causes harm to our brain. lack of sleep causes Alzheimer and also worsens memory.

As i said early stress damages our brain too. stress causes problems in the areas such as memory power, the ability to learn , and also self control... you loose complete control of you when you are in stress.

Our brain is almost 80% water. even a moderate loss of fluid reduces your concentration and also leads to short term memory loss.

When you intake large amount of sugar , it slows your brain and reduces its ability to learn, remember information and concentration. this is because excess sugar destroys neural connections in the brain. how ever , products containing Omega-3 fatty acids remove the consequences of the disorder. for example foods like fish and nuts


Painting improves the work of the brain. a study have showed that painting and contemplation of works of art improve interaction between brain areas while slowing its aging. so take brush an start painting or else a pencil may be.


Reading trains the brain. it activates areas that arent used at other times. while reading blood enters the brain areas which are resposible for concentration. this effect does not effect when watching TV or playing computer games. reading book is like a workout for the brain


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