What leads to success?

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Everyone wants be success. But only few work for it. Success means different for different people. Are you waiting for some miracle to happen to you to become successful? Trust me then that will never ever happen.
Every single successful person you see nowadays are those once like you. But a simple different thing is that they worked for their success and you are not. You can ask me ‘how can you say that I am not working hard’. It is simple if you are working hard and if you know how to become success and you will not be here reading my article. 😂 Just kidding. You know something that successful people always learn and listen. For example ' even though they knew well about something. They will still search and learn about it.
So are u ready to work for you success. I cannot make you successful. But using my research I can help you get where you want to be in the future. I researched about many successful people, and noted some common tips they did among them. Let’s look at those.
1.       Learn - As I said earlier they never stop learning.

2.       Read - There is a saying as ‘reader becomes the leader ’.That is exactly true. If you see those successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and etc. They spend most of the time reading. They use to allocate time of the day to read.
3.       They teach others - If they know something they teach and help others. It helps themselves as well to become more thorough.
4.       Focus - Everyone wants to learn everything, and that’s not a bad thing to do. But to become successful you need focus on one thing and become more fluent in that. No problem if you choose more than one goals. If you are sure that you can accomplish, then you can have as many goals as you wanted.
5.       Early Rising - There is a proverb 'early bird gets the warmth'. Am not gona say anything about that 😂😂. Early rising gives you more time to work towards your goal per day. You can argue that, even if I sleep later I have more time in a day. And I will say that is correct.. At night you get extra hours but you brain is already filled and tired. Since those are the last hours of the day. But when it comes to early morning it’s different. You mind is fresh and whatever you read and learn will stick in your brain. So make it a habit to wake up early.
6.       Passion - The most important and common thing what I saw among the successful people. It is passion. They don’t follow what they get. They try to get their passion. How to find you passion? There is no shortcuts for that but it is simple. You must try everything. First write a list of the things you like to do the most, and do it one at a time. One by one until you find that one thing you like the most, which never makes you boring. No problem even it is playing game. Write it down and try it out. And after finding your passion learn more about it. Even playing game is passion. Many people around the world are earning a passive income by representing their country in world championship. Am saying about the pc games. Recently we had League of legends world championship.
7.       Ideas - Try new ideas, and don’t bother what other think about you. Which matters is what you think about you.
8.       Never give up - And last but not least successful people never give up. Remember that failures are the steps to success.

Let me state the 8 things that I learned from successful that everyone should follow to become successful.
1.       Passion.
2.       Work hard.
3.       Focus on one thing.
4.       Push yourself towards what you think success is.
5.       Communicate and get new ideas.
6.       Learn and improve yourself.
7.       Help others to reach their goals.
8.       Never ever give up.
By the way am not a professional article writer. But am trying to become since it is in my list of goals. Am on my way to find my passion.😆
I express my opinion and ideas if you are willing to share your knowledge with us and other people who visit this blog. Please let us know in the comments.
Communicating is the best way of learning. Try to express your ideas/opinions to the world.
Thank you.
Author - Mohamed Rifai.


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