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Reading is a good habit. But it isn’t good until you make it a habit. Every single business man or if I say every single Successful person read books. They make it as a habit read book daily as routine. Most of them read early in the morning. Since their mind is fresh. But the time isn’t mattered. The thing that matters the most is 'did you read???'.

Even reading books makes you sleep either. I don’t need to explain about this. Since u all as a student have felt sleepy in theory classes. Reading book at normal dim light at night can make you sleep, and also it should not be too dim. If so it will effect your eyesight.

Let’s cut the crap and get into topic. Different people like different types of books. Some love fiction, comedy, business books, even someone read telephone directories and etc. There are billions of books out there. But many of them doesn’t really help you in anyways. The most common statement that every book states is ‘work hard’ , but the thing is each states that in different manner I personally recommend some books that you should try it out.

I gona recommend books one by one. First let’s start with,

Rich dad poor dad

If you want to become financially free in you life. This is one of the best book to read. It is written by Robert T Kiyosaki. He was born in 1947 at Hawaii. He wrote this story using his own life story. It completely changed my life by how I see the money is. The book teaches us how we could generate income even without working. You simply call it as ‘passive income’. It teaches us what a real asset is. Let me summarize it. “Any asset which takes out money out of your pocket is liability and those which bring an income is asset”. For example most of the people think that the house they live in is an asset. But I will say that it is a liability unless you rent it out. If you live in that house it will generate expenses monthly such as electricity bill, maintenance and etc., most probably there will be no income generated through it but if you rent it out to some else it becomes an asset since you get an income monthly as rent.

Rich dad is his friends’ dad, who didn’t even complete his school studies but running business and earning passive income. His advice to Robert is “study hard and create your own way of earning money” simply it is ‘make money work for you’. Poor dad is his dad, he isn’t really poor. His thought about money and life makes him poor. He is a government servant working for salary and he always says to Robert “study well and get a secured job” simply it is ‘wok for money’.

There is no such thing as too early or too late. Robert learned about business at the age of 12. Anyway he completed his studies and served for his country as a soldier for some years. He started to work towards generating passive income from scratch when he was at the age of 30 to 40. Now he is living a peaceful life without working since his assets are generating income for him.

The book will not give you a checklist that if you do this you will become rich. It will let you understand the way you think about money, job, business and this kind of stuffs. BTW this is first inspirational book which made me learn more about business, investing and etc. am working at a job one side and trying to generate income through other ways in the other side.

If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.
                                                                                                     Robert T. Kiyosaki
More of the book recommendations will be coming soon. Stay tuned..


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