Different between studying and learning.

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Hei guys it's me again. Many people think that studying and learning are the same. Even they look similar there are some difference between them as well. Am not gonna write a large paragraph or something like that. Let's keep it short and sweet. First, let give you the definitions.

Studying – it is something that you do every day at your school and maybe at home. For example, Reading, memorizing and also doing home works. It is only useful for short-term activities like, for example.

• You may memorize facts for your exam which you are gonna face nearby.

• You may do your homework today or else lecture would punish you tomorrow.

These are some short-term goals. Studying is not bad if you are not gonna use that knowledge in the future. By the way, studying is important since it is the foundation for learning.

So let's look at what is learning.

Learning – we can say it simply as it is the next step of studying. Learning comes from different sources like experience or practicing and etc.. the thing you learn will stick in your mind for your lifetime.

By studying you just memorize the facts but learning is you are getting some knowledge from it.. this is the reason I said that studying is the foundation of learning

Every person has different ways of learning. For example, if you wanted to learn any language. I meant 'LEARN'. By just reading books you cannot learn a language. You must understand what you are reading.. not only by reading, as I said earlier every single person have different ways of learning.. you need to find out which is suitable for you.


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