Beautiful train names of Sri Lanka

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When I was in Sri Lanka last week, I took a 400km train ride from Colombo to Jaffna. In Sri Lanka the railway is owned by the government and managed by the bureaucrats. You wouldn't normally associate creativity with bureaucrats. It is therefore surprising to know how creative they have been in naming the passenger trains in Sri Lanka. I don't think even an advertising agency would have given such beautiful names. They have followed certain rules in naming: The name has to be female Name of trains to north/east end with Devi Names of trains to coast end with kumari Names of trains to hill area end with menike

The following are names of passenger trains in Sri Lanka:

  • Yal Devi (Queen of Jaffna)
  • Uttara Devi (Queen of the North)
  • Udaya Devi (Queen of the East)
  • Samudra Devi (Queen of the Oceans)
  • Ruhunu Kumari (Princes of the South)
  • Muthu Kumari (Princess of Pearl)
  • Udarata Menike (Upcountry Maiden)
  • Podi Menike (Little Maiden)
  • Rajarata Rejini (Queen of the land of Kings)

Are there such beautiful names for the passenger trains in other countries? let us know in the comments below..

Author : Mr. Yoga Yoheswaran

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