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How to learn the WEB developed easily

HTML is the first thing we have to begin.

CSS /CSS3 this the designing part of the web page.

JavaScript is the main scripting language of the web development every web developer must know about the basic.
Server side programming language
PHP and nowadays the majority of the websites are built with the PHP and so it is better to learn the language

MySQL is the most used database. We should know about this also for the web development. 

Python is second server site programming/developing language.

And more languages are around but these are the most basic and important part of the web development site.   

First go deep in the HTML 5 and CSS/CSS3 

There is history about the HTML but we don't need that because we don't want to west too much time on that things. 
you better start with HTML 5 is the latest of the HTML family.
Below is the example of the HTML code: 

<!DOCKTYPE html>





 // whatever is in this area will be displayed in the page.



You can learn all basic to intermediate lever from below links.

these are the best free HTML and CSS training websites and YouTube channels  

Mmtuts - (Youtube)

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL and python try this way to learn the web development and you will become the web developer in no time. 

Everything is possible if you try.

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