Origin of Xiaomi with Mr. Lei Jun And His Friends

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Today we are going to see about Xiaomi. By the way what does Xiaomi stands for, it is a Chinese word which gives the meaning "millet"(which is a grain that is staple of diets in various parts of the world)
It all started by a middle class person named LEI JUN and his 7 FRIENDS

Let me tell you how his story briefly,
Lei jun was was born in 1969, in china at an industrialized zone.
When he was a kid someone gave him the book of Steve jobs(founder of apple corporation). after reading the book Lei Jun wanted to become like Steve jobs. he wanted to create his own company. Even though the people around him always used to criticize him, he didn't put anything inside his head.
At the age of 23 in 1992 he finishes his college life and enters into the work life. he started his career at an I.C.T company in china named as king-soft as an engineer. After he joined he gave new ideas to company and the company profits use to increase due to his ideas. even though his ideas were implemented he didn't get the respect or wage he wanted. he is not happy that he was working under someone else and waiting for the salary till the month end.
After few years he got married and 2 children were born, so that he thought he couldn't take risk anymore by leaving the company and starting the business he wanted. Because his family depends on his salary. So he gives his full effort to the company and become the CEO of the company within a short period of time. Even as a CEO he is working under someone else, so he is not happy with that too. He started investing in small companies so he could generate other income using his salary and some help from his friends.
After few year he starts an online book store with the help of his 7 friends and the sales are increasing timely. a company named amazon comes in and buys the the online book store for $75 million. He uses that money to settle all his debts which were taken from his friends. and he is back to his work as the CEO of king-soft.
His dream was to start an own business so he speaks with his friends about his idea, and friends agreed to support him at any cost. So he quits his job and together with his 7 friends he starts a new company named XIAOMI.

Xiaomi is started as a software company, which creates software for android. eventhough they create software for android most of them are using iPhone. iPhone was the most expensive phone at the time because they had some awesome features in it.. they think that iPhone is too expensive so they decide create their own brand of smartphone, with similar features, lower cost and wanted to sell for a lower price.that is the formation of Xiaomi smartphone.
After the introduction of the phone the sales were high, since the price is low with more feature in it. 
Lei Jun was happy that he accomplished his dream of creating his successful business. But he couldn't have done that without his friends.
Now the Xiaomi smartphone was the 4th highest selling smartphone in the world.
Nowadays it does not

founders of Xiaomi.
  • Lei Jun
  • Li Wanqiang
  • Hong Feng
  • Zhou Guangping
  • Wong Jiangji
  • Lin Bin
  • Liu De
  • Wang Chuan
This story states us that anything is possible if a group of people get together with a similar and positive mindset.

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